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Annabelle is an illustrator, designer and storyteller that dabbles in yarn spinning, mountain climbing and imperfect plant parenting. Her work is inspired by her beloved New England habitat and themes of whimsy, adventure, folklore and the feeling of home.


Annabelle credits her unschooled childhood for her love of creating and tries to construct work that resonates with people the same way as waking up to a sunray softly shining through your window.


You can contact Annabelle here

In A Nutshell:


Current Home: New Hampshire


Education: Institute of Art and Design, 2021


Favorite mediums: Gouache paint and colored pencil


Color of choice: Yellow Ochre 

Favorite things to paint: Gnarled trees, flowing hair, little bugs, smoke 


Favorite foods to cook: Hearty Soups, perfect perogies, fluffy  breads 


Beverages of choice: Ethiopia coffee, earl grey tea,


Iced matcha with strawberry


Secret obsessions: Documentaries and the smell of moss

Represented By Nicole Tugeau at TUGEAU 2, Inc. 

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